• Laura O'Shea

    Laura O'Shea

  • Lynn Peter

    Lynn Peter

  • Joan van den Brink

    Joan van den Brink

    My purpose in life is to create intimate environments so that people thrive. As the owner of Araba Consulting I provide tailored people solutions.

  • Steve Klubertanz

    Steve Klubertanz

    Casual observations of the world around me. Trying to make my mark in the world, bit by bit.

  • Zahava Shapiro

    Zahava Shapiro

  • J. David Hall

    J. David Hall

    Writer, speaker, maverick, neurodiversity ambassador, autist, social justice warrior, doctoral student at Seattle University, CEO at www.NeuroGuides.org

  • Sandra Ambrosio

    Sandra Ambrosio

  • Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

    IT Project Manager, Keen reader, Thinker out of the Box.Interested in Technology,Psychology,Human Behaviors,Theories and social patterns.

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