I’m going to keep this week’s post relatively short and sweet (at least according to my usual trends.)

Your goals for yourself and your ability to reach them come down to (mainly) one key thing: your willingness to change.

I was recently speaking with a client to try and troubleshoot areas in their diet and help get the needle moving the direction they wanted it to go.

When it came to a certain area, a certain luxury in their diet, they very simply said: “Yeah, I’m not going to change that.”

And as their coach, I am 100% cool with…

The majority of the clients who come to my door at RevFit are coming for weight loss. Maybe they’ve heard about my coaching style or they’ve seen the results of my clients or they just did a random local Google search and came across our website to find out more.

The problem (and this will always be a problem) is that weight loss is more than just numbers. It’s more than meal plans, it’s more than mental readiness, it’s more than willpower, it’s more than simply the “desire” to lose weight.

Inherently, dieting is a stressor. It also requires disruption…

In late 2018, I was contacted by a gentleman named Joshua Shea with regard to a book he had just released “The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About“. Joshua believed his topic would be of interest to the listeners of my podcast as his book was about the damage that porn (and alcohol) addiction had on his life.

My kneejerk reaction was to decline the offer. I didn’t think that porn needed to be a subject for a podcast primarily focused on health, fitness and nutrition.

However, I didn’t keep that reaction for long.

I knew that porn or any other…

On any given week, I respond to a number of questions from my clients who are constantly trying to improve their physiques for either health or aesthetic purposes (frequently both).

As the adage goes, there’s “no such thing as a stupid question” and I generally agree.

A question that a client might ask is in reference to where they feel they’re currently stuck. As if, in finding the solution they’ll achieve the results that have been eluding them or they can overcome a given plateau.

However, many of the questions I get don’t actually get to the heart of the…

Remember when life was easier? I do.

You were so respectful of me then. But, we were younger…

We had fewer responsibilities and fewer places we had to be, fewer people counting on us.

It’s not that way now.

I remember when you cried less, you screamed less and you weren’t so upset with me all the time.

I didn’t want to let you down but we were in this together, so what happened to you, inevitably happened to me.

I remember when something as simple as movement made you happier…

You’ve said such terrible things about me over the…

Last year, when I decided to go back into therapy, there were problems in my life that I was dealing with that I felt had a correlation to my grieving process (or lack thereof) over losing my father.

When I got through my initial appointment with my therapist where I gave him my backstory and all the things that had led to where I was up to that point, he agreed that not properly grieving for my father may have been one of the areas of concern.

He felt the major area of focus needed to be on the sexual…

I spend a lot of time in different groups on Facebook tailored to other fitness professionals. As you can imagine, there’s a range of tenure between them (beginners and veterans) as well as a vast assortment of training styles (group exercise, one-on-one training, sport specific, etc). One question I seem to come across with more frequency than others is over client acquisition.

Because social media is the monster that it’s evolved into, there is an overabundance of ” business coaches” who are now advertising their services to help fellow trainers generate more leads than they ever knew what to do…

It was the only time in my life that I would be handcuffed in the back of a police car.

I had threatened suicide in the middle of some emotional breakdown in March of 1998. It was my second attempt at college, this time at Tennessee Tech, and I had effectively blown it.

As the policemen were driving me to Nashville to be admitted into a psychiatric facility, they advised the handcuffs were just a precaution so I didn’t harm myself.

When I went through the admissions process, I was asked several questions about my mental stability, if I felt…

I’ve been talking about sexual abuse for nearly two decades now.

My own brush with it occurred nearly 40 years ago and when I wrote this article earlier this year, I felt a certain sense of finality with it.

Being sexually abused was something I felt I could compartmentalize well and put into a nice pretty box and set it aside in my life.

I felt the same with being a drug addict.

In other words, when you spend enough time putting certain parts of your life in your rearview, it gets put into one of these boxes and can…

Weight Watchers (now branded as WW) has been around for over 50 years. And if you know even the slightest bit about the dieting industry, you’ll know that diet trends come and go in almost as rapid fashion as clothing styles.

And much like how fashion trends recycle and become popular again years later, so do some of these dietary trends (*cough* low carb, *cough* keto, *cough* intermittent fasting.)

How does WW remain top of mind for all of these dieting individuals who have failed time and again to lose weight or maintain weight loss?

Well, they adapt. …

Jason Leenaarts

Owner: Revolution Fitness & Therapy; Author: "A Revolution A Day" and "The Revolution Is You!"; Host-Revolutionary You! Podcast

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