Before I attempt to tackle this rather large topic, I thought I should offer a few thoughts right off the bat.

Succeeding at fat loss is more than just calorie awareness. It is your mindset, it is your approach to life, love, comfort, and stress.

I’ve written so much about…

My wife, Marissa, and I have always been a partnership of opposites. While there are things that we have historically enjoyed together, the list has always been rather small and we have always had our respective spaces where we could be our own.

Like a lot of marriages, we went…

I’m going to keep this week’s post relatively short and sweet (at least according to my usual trends.)

Your goals for yourself and your ability to reach them come down to (mainly) one key thing: your willingness to change.

I was recently speaking with a client to try and troubleshoot…

Remember when life was easier? I do.

You were so respectful of me then. But, we were younger…

We had fewer responsibilities and fewer places we had to be, fewer people counting on us.

It’s not that way now.

I remember when you cried less, you screamed less and you…

Last year, when I decided to go back into therapy, there were problems in my life that I was dealing with that I felt had a correlation to my grieving process (or lack thereof) over losing my father.

When I got through my initial appointment with my therapist where I…

Jason Leenaarts

Owner: Revolution Fitness & Therapy; Author: "A Revolution A Day" and "The Revolution Is You!"; Host-Revolutionary You! Podcast

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